Treasurehunting in Iran: 4 images to treasure!

How to find treasures? Square1magazine is all about surrounding yourself with things you treasure. The secret about treasures? They can be very small, you don’t need a lot of them, and often, they’re already there, you just have to notice them. So, we have been collecting stories about items (clothes and accessories) people treasure. Treasures can also be moments and things. How to find them? Here’s a small Do-it, kind of a challenge ‘Seeing treasures, seeking treasures and finding them’ – an exercise in treasure hunting.

The assignment is to collect 4 images of things you treasure: a feeling, a word, a moment and an item. We asked Soode, a photographer from Iran to show us her treasures… 

First, please tell a bit about yourself

I’m Soode 😁 27y.o … I’ve studied graphic design and traditional art which is the old Persian art. My hobbies are reading and painting and hanging out with my friends usually in cafes. I used to teach English, I also used to teach painting in a kindergarten, I’ve done some freelance graphic design and photography projects, now I work in a travel agency and I handle visas for foreigners who want to visit my beautiful country IranAnd I am being trained to become a tour leader, since I am very fond of showing the beauties of my wonderful country.

A feeling I treasure

The first one is, a feeling I treasure… my nephew, Arman, he’s now 3 years old. For the first year of his life I was babysitting him three days a week or sometimes more so I bonded with him more than I or anyone else expected. Sometimes I pick him up from the kindergarten and I love the feeling when he holds my hand with his little hand and tells me about his day.

A word I treasure

Second one is the word ‘family’… coming from Iranian culture we treasure family more than anything else, most of our customs start with the family gathering and doing something all together according to the occasion.

Third picture, a moment I cherish 

It was made a couple of months ago when my boyfriend visited Iran. Well he wasn’t my boyfriend then but he was here for a month and we traveled to a couple of cities together. I had never been to Shiraz so technically he took me there and showed me around, believe it or not he knew more than I did 😂 And we went to the mosque in the picture, it’s called Nasir ol-Molk mosque or the pink mosque, it’s covered in colorful stained glass on one side and beautiful Persian carpets on the floor. That makes it a very special sight, and the atmosphere, I feel like I can sit there forever… 

And the last one, an item I cherish

I just came to a point to believe object are for using not loving, so I try not to get upset when something gets scratched or broken. That’s why I couldn’t choose an item. But we Persians, celebrate our new year with the beginning of spring, we call it Norouz, it means new day. For Norouz we set up a table called Haft-seen table, Seen in the letter S and Haft is 7, so we put 7 things that start with S on it. Each thing symbolizing something like health, wealth or light for the upcoming year.
This is an ancient custom that has been done for more than 2000 years by Persians. We put things like apple, sumac, candles and painted eggs on the table. To us, this is the best time of the year and those are the things that make this event more special for us, that’s why I treasure those items and customs.

Want to see more about Soode her life and photo’s? Check her Instagram!

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