What to pick: how about something blue!

The upcoming series of ‘Be Picky’ is going to be colour inspired! Colour is one of the missing ingredients your wardrobe (and life 😉 could use after all the black and white basics. So let’s start this rainbow with the colour of water and sky: blue!

1. Floria Rayon Top by Komodo

Made from Rayon, a fiber manufactured from natural (cellulose) fibers (in this case from responsibly managed forests just like Tencel). Komodo is a British brand that uses only natural materials. Since the 90’s they promote the use of organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and Tencel. Working closely with their producers who they visit at least two months a year. The design, the colours and the special craft techniques ensure that Komodo’s collection has a characteristic appearance.

More about this top? We found it at Nukuhiva, or check it out at Komodo’s site.

2. Scarf by Indigo People

At Indigo People you see how the love for traditional crafts and natural indigo has come together in a unique collection of scarves. The scarves are woven by hand in Thailand and Laos with the consent of the chiefs of the weaver’s villages, and dyed with natural indigo. You can recognize the scarfs by the beautiful deep indigo colour and the rugged look that is caused by the handiwork. Because of this intensive process, each scarf is unique in texture and print.

More about this scarf? Check it out at Indigo People’s site.

You are my blue crayon,
the one I never have enough of,
the one I use to colour my sky.
A.R. Asher

3. Blue Clarke Dwell Satchel bag by Matt and Nat

At Matt and Nat they are inspired by MAT(T)erial and NATure. They have a collection of design-centric, eco friendly and vegan accessories including bags and wallets. From the start, they have being committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs. All their linings are made of 100% recycled bottles. The designs are well thought out and meant to be practical. Furthermore, thanks to their durability and strength, their bags can last a very long time and, hence, are sustainable products.

More about this bag? Check the site of Matt and Nat.

4. Summer skirt by Alchemist

Made in Portugal, from 95% Organic cotton 5% elastan. The mission of this Dutch fashion label is to combine high fashion with an ethical lifestyle. It uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton and Tencell. Alchemist is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

More about this skirt? Check it out at Alchemist website!

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