What I learned about a simplified wardrobe in one year

A good solution seems simple. But don’t be fooled by simplicity -it will look easy, but getting there takes practice: knowing what you want, saying no, a strong backbone and a lot of time rehearsing that.

So how much work is it?

You can apply simplicity to a lot of areas – but for my wardrobe, how much work is it to keep it simple and how rewarding is it?

It’s a lot of work, after one year I learned the following:

Keeping what you have:

  • in sight (like Marie Kondo keeps saying, you tend to forget what you don’t see)
  • in good quality if not – get it fixed – or fix it (I’ll show my best fixing mistakes some other time)
  • matched (cross- matched colour, style and season wise) Remember the capsule wardrobe!
  • checked: do you still want / need / use it?CAPSULE-ANIMATE4

If not, pass it on (I know, a lot of people disagree, but I rather have sometimes a regret about something I threw out, than so many things I just can’t make a decision what to wear)

Need something new? get something:

  • not (sometimes just write it down, and realize after a few weeks you didn’t need it)
  • borrow to see if you really need it
  • buy secondhand
  • buy new, sustainable made.
  • made to last
image: pinterest
image: pinterest

So, is my wardrobe perfect? no

I think perfect is boring. (or I would get bored) I like imperfect. Make mistakes, and enjoy life. Or like the best quote in a long time: ‘Embrace the glorious mess that you are’ (or that you ‘have’ – and to be able to embrace it, it shouldn’t be too much 🙂


Is it rewarding? Yes!!!

I have less stress! it’s a lot easier, cause my clothes match. If I have a stain on something, I can just switch a top instead of a whole outfit. So it saves time and hassle. Quality – fixing is a thing – you have to do it asap, otherwise it just stays on the same pile you keep the other things on. (Next to the shoes that have to be repaired). Any tips on that are welcome. If I want something new, borrowing works, see if something suits you. And passing on can be like giving a gift – actually working on that idea! I guess it’s more about hacks, like time savers, less time picking or worrying about your outfit, more time with a book or friends

Want more?

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