What do you treasure? Karen from Dinadi

Do you know that feeling when you see someone walking down the street with a pretty bag, or sitting next to you in a coffee bar at a a different table wearing a colourful jacket. You would love to know where they got it, but you never have the nerve to ask about the story? I really like to hear those stories, about what people wear, repair, share and most of all: treasure. And I sometimes have the nerve to ask 🙂 So this time, I went for coffee with Karen, talked about her work for Dinadi (another time more about Dinadi) and I asked her about her outfit – read her story!

Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Karen and I do marketing & communications for Dinadi, a social business in Nepal that produces ethical knitted and crocheted accessories.

Crafting beautiful hand knit and crocheted products while changing lives through dignified jobs – Dinadi.com

What is your best spot to get new favourites? What do you treasure?

I like to check the wardrobe of my sister (haha) and the online store of Armed Angels or Nudie jeans or so. And of course Dinadi items!


I treasure my Dinadi scarf, made by Kamala, one of the ladies who work for Dinadi.

The other item I love is this patchwork bag from Turkey, I already have it for over 20 years! Got it as a gift from my aunt and uncle who went there on holidays.



What I also treasure is this earring. Because part of my heart is still in Nepal, I had this golden earring made in the shape of the Nepali national flag.


How would you describe your style? What was the best advice you ever got?

My style is quite natural with a sporty or ethnic twist. The best advice I ever got was to look for ‘winter’ colours which suit my skin much better than other colours.


What was the last item you fixed or had fixed?

My mum is great at fixing clothes, recently she fixed my flared black pants.


What was the last item you got or gave away?

I brought some great scarves in Nepal, sold in one of the great fair trade stores in Kathmandu.

Thanks Karen <3


‘Our desire is that Dinadi would be a brand that people immediately connect to beautiful, hand crafted, knitted and crocheted products and ethical employment, a company where everyone is given an opportunity.’ Preston and Mirjam Thiessen More about Dinadi?


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