Wear, Repair Share weekend: goodiebag giveaway!

Opening a goodiebag is like opening a present. Best when it’s a surprise! Remember the Wear, Repair Share weekend 2 months ago with Nukuhiva? We wanted a goodiebag, not with samples but with a story. Better jet: with a few good stories.  And we wanted a surprise, for everybody, even for the maker.  So it’s also a bag to swop something! You can share an old treasure, and make it a gift for somebody else. And get an old treasure from somebody else as a gift – Isn’t it great!

So, tell me: what’s in the bag?

There’s a preloved surprise, inspiration to start / guide your sustainable clothing journey, an invitation to share your story with us. And a do-it, to put something you already have in a new light. Check out this sneak, and one of the do-it assignments…


We have a few extra goodiebags, so Square1magazine and Nukuhiva are going to do a giveaway! Yay!
Do you live close to the Randstad or Utrecht? Follow Square1magazine on Facebook & Instagram.  And follow Nukuhiva on Facebook & Instagram. We’re gonna choose the people who win on Anjolieke’s lucky day, Friday the 13th! We can meet for coffee and you can get a goodiebag!


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