Square1magazine is an online and offline magazine –  promoting conscious  style and slow fashion. Inspire to surround yourself with items you treasure. By showing love in how you wear, repair and share. 

What’s in a name?

Two reasons: 1. Back to square one means going back the beginning – back to the start of a game. Back to basic, back to a clean start with the simple, refreshing focus of our no.1 question: What do you treasure?
2. A square can be (a symbol of) a box. A box as a place to keep items (or memories) you treasure. And take out to wear with love. Also a box can work as a frame, it can help you focus on your treasures, create clarity instead of clutter.

So it’s a magazine about treasures.
Where to find them?

Square1magazine will be your guide. Showing where to find, how to style and how to share them. You are free to take your own route or detour –  let’s go treasure hunting together.

About the founder and editor – Anjolieke Dertien

Loves to juggle – time, attention, ideas. And with a busy life (work, 2,5 kid under the age of 6, friends) always in need of hacks and those ‘fuck it’ moments where you can leave everything on the spot and go outside. Raised with a can do and can diy attitude (think hippy style <3) Pragmatic sustainability enthousiast.  Jump, and the net will appear.

I have a secret love for fashion magazines. But always missed real people, examples and ideas. So my favourite fashion magazine would show a mix of preloved, vintage and sustainable items. Haven’t found it yet, so let’s start!