The easiest way to pick vintage: Tagpop

Love vintage items & a surprise? Check this new style of selling vintage!
You can pick categories instead separate items. And let Tagpop pick you an item from great categories with names like ‘mystery varsity jacket’, ‘mystery ugly xmas sweater’ and ‘mystery tie dye tshirt’, or more evergreens like ‘mystery buttery soft long sleeve cashmere sweater’ or ‘mystery wool fisherman sweater’

How they pick what to send you?

About the way they make a selection, they tell on their website:
“TagPop sells clothing by category — so if you want a denim jacket, you’ll order a denim jacket and our stylists will select one just for you based on your order history and style preferences. If you don’t like what you get, email and tell us what we got wrong — returns and exchanges are unlimited and we’ll keep trying until we get it right. As for the original item, you can send it back to us or just donate it to a charity of your choice. We’ll update our data and keep sending you jackets until we find one you like.”

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