Show & Tell: Maycke de Weger from Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week!

This weeks Show and Tell I met at last years Awearness fashion cafe in Arnhem. We just started talking and kept talking the whole train ride back to Utrecht about promoting sustainable fashion. We met again at the Square1magazine launch. You can feel her enthusiasm in her Show & Tell: here’s Maycke de Weger from Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week.

Tell me a bit about Dutch Sustainable Fashion week

The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week is a Fashion event where young & established designers and brands present their sustainable collections. This year the DSFW will be held from the 6th till 15th of October. During this event, there are several fashion shows, masterclasses, and sustainable shop routes through the country, where you can see all the sustainable developments in Fashion.

The most import thing here is to be critical: keep looking for something
that perfectly fits you and your style.

What is your best spot to get new treasures?

I really like to go to vintage shops to try to find some masterpieces for my wardrobe, clothes that are unique and have character. The most import thing here is to be critical: keep looking for something that perfectly fits you and your style. This usually also fit a lower budget, although I don’t mind spending more if I fall in love with something, like a nice leather motor-jacket. However, this is time-consuming, and I have a pretty busy work-life. Therefore, I also shop online in sustainable webshops, for example There I can get inspired with new ideas like wooden watches, but also find some good basics.

Favourite stores? G.U.R.U.S., Nukuhiva and Het Kaufhaus – Find them on our map!

How would you describe your style?

I wear whatever makes me happy at that moment, your look just has to make you feel good! For me, this means that I sometimes wear a kind of urban-looking style, with white sneakers and a light coloured jeans. But there are also days in which I wear a nice classy dress with heels. It just needs to fit to my mood and the activities I have planned ;)


Your look
just has to make you
feel good

What was the last item you had fixed?

I have a pair of light-brown suede boots, which are my favorites at the moment: I literally wear them at least four days a week. But during one of my best-friend’s birthday-dinner somebody dropped a small plate with fatty sauce all over my shoes. At first I thought I would never be able to clean them. But when I told my grandmother, she told me she would try to clean them with a slice of old bread. She wrapped the leather with this, and apparently, that absorbs the grease. They looked completely new after that treatment. It was amazing, the best tip ever!

Where do you keep your favourites items?

I have a lot of space in my closet to hang my clothes at hangers. I think that is the best way to store your favorite clothes. Because they hang they are ventilated better, so you don’t have to wash them that often. And this way they don’t crinkle, so you don’t have to iron them that much either.

What was the last item you got or gave away?

My friends and I always like to swap clothes with each other. Some time ago I got a very nice classy jacket from one of them, which she never wore because it was a little too tight. So, that was lucky for me! However, usually I donate my old clothes after cleaning out my closet to charity, so that they can be used again by people who really need them, or to vintage shop so that they can sell them again.
More about Maycke her work at Goodbrandz or the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week.

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