Not much time to read? 5 books to help you focus and simplify

So much to read and so little time? These are a few of my favourite books even readers with little time can check out! You can decide what chapters you want to start with, or want to skip. There’s even a book with more images than typed text (ok, the drawings contain words, but it’s a whole different experience ;).
And for those who rather write than read: two of the books are books that have great writing assignments!


Less is luxe

In ‘Less is luxe’ Lou Niestad takes you with her, on her journey to simplify her life. She tries to get back to the essence, and doesn’t so much write about it – she draws her conclusions, findings and sometimes hilarious lessons. Very creative approach, written in a very personal manner, so you really take her pointers and views by heart. (in Dutch)


Women in clothes

Don’t you just love to overhear a conversation in the train, or at work, about the advice on style somebody got from their mother? Or about the earrings she inherited? In ‘Women in clothes’ hundreds of women share their views, opinions, tips and tricks with you. Truly amazing to read, an inspiration, especially because of the cultural diversity the editors captured. And the best thing is, it has so many pages, I doubt I’ll ever finish the whole book, so I’ll always have a new story to discover.


Creative personal branding &
The artist way

You think you know books with assignment, that claim to help you with something? To me these two where really different. They both took a lot of time to seriously write down what they asked for, and to do the assignments (making moodboards, asking good feedback), but I really learned a lot about myself, my goals and pitfalls. The ‘Creative personal branding’ about what I wanted to reach in life, at this point. And from ‘The artist way‘ I learned a lot about taking yourself serious as a creative entrepreneur, make mistakes, setting goals, how to reach them & keep being inspired. The artist way is also available in English (the author is American).


How to Be Parisian
Wherever You Are

And as last one, some minimalist inspiration. A lot of fun to read and new ideas about the basics in style, class, almost everything in life, from the viewpoint of the inspiring parisienne.

square1magazine-How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

What are your favourite books to read?


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