May favourites! The things you should be picky about

What does my wardrobe look like? Well, I could show you my entire wardrobe. – actually working on it, but with my schedule that will take a few more months. So for now: here are a few favourite brands and articles. Almost every day I wear something old, new, borrowed and blue. (blue in different shades, and sometimes a more blue/green interpretation). Here we go with our editor’s picks!



The shirt is from Expresso. I love their choice of fabrics and colours. For many people, this is not the first store that comes to mind when thinking of fair fashion. But they have been working together with the Fair Wear Foundation for more than 10 years, which is great! They do rank a D (on a scale from A (best) to E) on Rankabrand, this is another way to check brands on sustainability, where they compare also other assets from a sustainable production other than just fair production. square1magazine-may-favourite-fair-swedishstocking

The stockings are by Swedish Stockings – the world’s first eco-friendly brand … beautiful and durable stockings from recycled yarn. I bought the stockings at the Goodfibrations pop up! It’s an investment with great quality. So I wear them with care & on special occasions.  square1magazine-may-favourite-fair-kookaiThe skirt is a preloved item from Kookai. I love their style, and especially love it if I can make an item of theirs to have a longer enjoyed life by wearing it.



This was me at work, with that skirt and shirt (not the Swedish Stockings).

And that jacket? With the 3/4 sleeves? Actually that one has the best story. It used to be my grandmother’s. She didn’t own a lot of clothes, she worked on a farm, so her everyday clothes (apart from special occasions and Sundays) where practical. This jacket was one of the pieces for special occasions. I love the fact that there’s no label in the jacket. I guess it’s tailored for her somewhere in the ’70. My grandmother was actually was a lot smaller than me. On her the jacket had long sleeves, with my height the sleeves are 3/4. So it also works, but differently.

So that’s an example of my mix. Next up June and July – any suggestions for brands & articles?



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