Made to last a lifetime: Gillian June! part one

When you come across so many inspiring sustainable initiatives and brands, you wish to show them all. So we’ll start by putting a spotlight on one of them: Gillian June –Part 1. About starting a business, the name and future plans. Where it all began…

What made you start Gillian June?

I began Gillian June almost by mistake. I was training to become a Bespoke Coat Maker in Savile Row and made my sister a jacket for her wedding. It was a big success and more people began asking for them. I started off making a few Made to Measure orders and when I discovered that there was a market for them I produced a small Ready-to-Wear line. Now 2 years later its growing steadily.

Could you tell me a bit more
off the story behind the name?

The name is borrowed from my Grandmother- Gillian June Johnson-Gilbert. She is easily the most stylish lady I’ve ever come across and is a huge source of inspiration.

The longterm aim
is to encourage women
to change the way
they think about clothes

 What are your plans / where do you see Gillian June in the future?

The longterm aim is to encourage women to change the way they think about clothes. By encouraging them to be a part of the Made-to-Measure process I’m hoping it will make people think more about what is involved in the production of clothing- where it comes from, who makes it, how much work goes into it. The more we respect the process, the more likely it is we will take care of our clothes and stop treating them as disposable items.

Want to know how these designs are created? Read more in the second part…






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