How to start a capsule wardrobe: 5 easy steps!

Almost one year ago, the classic morning routine – getting dressed – would be: standing in front of the wardrobe, picking a skirt. Then find the best matching shirt (because that is how I bought clothes back than, in sets) not being there. Somewhere in a laundry basket. So what shirt to wear? Maybe something black on black? It would take forever to get ready, and never really pleased with the match.

A short & stress free morning routine

So now, after one year, my morning routine is changed.

I pick what to wear in the evening

Not that I’m always so organized, maybe even the opposite. But I do make faster choices in the evening. And generally I’m way more happy in the morning if I already made a choice.

I have started a capsule wardrobe

A capsule is a small set of versatile clothes that all match, 100%. I tried to get the items matching 100%. Well that doesn’t work for me — so I cheat 😉 I get 50 to 70% of my items matching each other and I’m pretty pleased with that. I always have a combination to wear! 

What does my capsule wardrobe look like?

1.Damod (via Gurus) 2. Armor Lux via Nukuhiva 3. Wunderwerk 4. Komodo 5. Kookai (>5 years ago)

6. We fashion (>5 years ago) 7. Armedangels 8. Every day counts (through Lena) 9/10 Maison Scotch (through Marktplaats)

11. Oasis (via Marktplaats) 12. Sisley (>5 years ago) 13. We fashion (>5 years ago) 14. Elements of Freedom (through Goodfibrations) 15. Vanilia (at Kortjakje)

16. Wow to go 17. Vintage (at Sussies) 18.Marjolein Elisabeth 19. Kookai (preloved) 20. Nudie jeans

21. Preloved (brand unknown) 22. Alchemist 23. Armedangels 24. We fashion (>5 years ago) 25. Oasis (>5 years ago)

My 5 tips or hacks for a relaxed capsule wardrobe?

  1. Minimize – put aside what you don’t like to wear (to swap, sell or give away)
  2. Go easy on yourself – take your time building a capsule.
  3. How much do you need? Don’t count if it gives you stress.
    You can work with all sorts of numbers, like 33 items (project 333) but to be honest it gave me stress. So numbers can give you a nice direction, but I stopped counting after being really happy (Marie Kondo happy 😉 with what I have and wearing everything at least once a month
  4. Get some similar items – (I have 2 black skirts, two white shirts etc) it’s not really minimal, I know. But I rather have a spare item to use (especially since I sometimes spill coffee, or wine on my shirt)
  5. Swap – items you’ve lost interest in (or the items from 1.) with a friend

So, what I think, self implied simplicity. Does it do a lot of good? Yeah, less stress – more time for the things I want to spend time on!

What is working for you?

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