Future of fashion: 3 inspiring zero waste examples



The throw away culture was so 2010. Let’s hope we can say that in a few decades! For now what we can do about it – because we love the can do attitude – here are a few positive examples of zero waste fashion!

1. Cut to order

image from ystr

the brand won’t sell something if they haven’t fallen in love with how it looks and feels

 2. Repurpose materials

image from jussara-lee

My technique is simple:  … repurpose every little bit of what is left from the clothes I custom make.

3. Printed just for you

image by karin vlug

A perfect fitted design, based on a 3dimensional bodyscan, translated into a flexible pin board mould



More about the future of fashion? Clothes that grow on you!


All images are from the article/ websites or pinterest
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