Fashion Week 2017: looking back, which trend is gonna stick?

Fashion Week is already a few weeks behind us. Letting all the impressions sink in, what are the main impressions that still stand out?

Lili from Wana Bana Design tell us:

Every 6 months, almost every capital in the world celebrates fashion during Fashion Week. In Amsterdam it is organised simultaniously with the most important B2B Fashion Fair of the Benelux. Best known as Mode Fabriek at the Rai.

What I love the most is to see how every 6 months they innovate and put on a totally different show. You can see the fashion trends for next year. And it fuses creativity, music, doing business, tips & advice for entrepreneurs, literature and much more…

What was the most interesting sustainable fashion concept I found?

The stand that caught my attention was by Salon Heleen Hulsmann. Their concept is to sell pre-owned designer clothes.

Why do I like it?

  • You can buy the latest trend having less CO2 footprint.
  • These are great quality clothes that tend to last longer with the proper care
  • It is more responsible to buy second hand instead of new, because it becomes one item less to go to the garbage bin
  • The items they sell are less costly because they are in their second life but still with a price tag that helps you avoid the impulse shopping experience
  • Finally, just because it costs you a little more to get them, you will take better care of them.
Check out this sunglasses and skirt! The one that made my heart beat faster was this orange jacket. The evidence: my face!

So my advice is: buy as much as you can trendless pre-owned items. Take home items that you fall in love with or that make you really really happy
(like my face in the picture with the orange jacket).

No need to buy cheap brooches when you have these beauties.


This blog and images where made by Lili –
she is the founder of Wana Bana.

Wana Bana Design
is a Latin-American lifestyle
brand, where consumers find design items to
express their unique self, made with respect
for people and planet. They are currently
developing the fashion brand for the Dutch market.
Want to see more? Check their website!

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