Capsule wardrobe confessions 1: I’m a bit bored!

You know that feeling, when you’re in the middle of something. You think you are completely on the right track. Then you take a step back, have a good look and realize you may have judged it all a bit to positive.

‘What I really think?
To be honest,
I think it’s boring’

As a lover of decluttering and fair fashion I had made an overview of my clothes a few months ago for a blog about building a capsule wardrobe. At that time I quit liked what I had so far. Fair brands, preloved items, versatile and #30 wear + items.

So I had started building a capsule wardrobe, then got a 9 month pregnancy break. In the summer I had a baby boy, and now, two months later, I’m slowly getting ready to wearing my clothes again. So I got to look at all of my pieces again. And was expecting to be thrilled to try things on again (as far as they would fit J). But to be honest, it was a bit disappointing what I saw, especially because a lot of it was dark. Black, grey, dark blue. I know, it combines very easy, and I chose all of it myself. But it’s very safe. And a bit boring. So what I need? colour.

Now I get to work on my capsule wardrobe 2.0. So the blog about the capsule wardrobe I’ll start with the basics: Capsule confessions: the basics

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