Be picky: Let it shine!

“I must have been nine or ten, as I sat next to my mother while she was getting ready for a party. ‘Ow, I love that necklace! What’s the story behind that one?’
I would just soak them up like a little sponge, all the stories about the precious items my mother kept for years. I can’t remember all the items, and not all the specific stories. But they remind me to surround myself with items that have a story to tell. Be picky.”

That enthusiasm for stories remains. Love to pick items with a (short) story about where and how it was made. Luckily there are a lot of people and brands who share that love for stories, so 1,2 and 6 where found together with our friends from Nukuhiva (no 1,2,&6), Wana Bana (no 3) and Marjolein Elisabeth (no 7). This time we picked gold, yellow and orange – to add some sunshine to your day <3

And there’s a special gift for the readers of Square1magazine: A 10% discount at Marjolein Elisabeth. (see at no 7)

  1. Woven top by Alchemist, 100% viscose, made in India. White with gold coloured details. Alchemist makes high-end fashion. Beautiful clothes skilfully tailored and well-made from materials of sustainable sources.

  2. Ring by Taj Amsterdam,”I am Corpus Nux, and by means of my carved peanut, I aim to inspire you to listen to your body. I believe your body is your temple and nourishing that beautiful shell of yours is key for a happy and balanced life. Sure, I know you love your festivals, get-togethers and dinner parties, and that you occupy yourself with work and dozens of other things you want or feel you must do. But don’t go too fast. Stop and breathe once in a while, and listen to what your body has to say.”

  3. This circle pendant necklace is made from recycled brass and hand-stamped by Colombian designer Nico Bazzani using antique tools at his home studio in JUMBO Brooklyn. It belongs to the limited edition collection Hammer&Smith made specially for Wana Bana.

  4. My new favourite day cream is made by Bee Natural, I love creams with ingredients that are as pure as possible. This Sweet almond day cream has also shea butter as one of the ingredients. Check out the website for their whole product range. As littleunnecessary things added as possible.
  5. Drawstring Pants made of eco-friendly Tencel. Made by Alchemist with love in Portugal. Alchemist produces two carefully created collections a year, always making sure the designs can easily be combined with those from previous collections. Our quality standards are high, because what is well-made lasts a long time. That, too, is sustainability.

  6. Pukka tea – If you haven’t tried it before you should! It’s def my favourite tea brand. To be honest, it’s not the cheapest. So it’s always a little gift to myself (or somebody else). Just smelling the tea when I open the box makes me smile. And the taste after I made a new cup of tea, is even better.

  7. This amazing top is by Marjolein Elisabeth. Add some golden dots to your outfit! Marjolein Elisabeth designs timeless all-season pieces, available throughout the year. Every collection is created in eye catching colours, prints and fabrics. Produced in the Netherlands. By designing both feminine and comfortable clothing designer and founder Marjolein wants to help women feel confident and make their dreams come true. Just like she did: starting her own fashionable. 

    And there’s a special gift for the fans of Square1magazine and Marjolein Elisabeth. Order online, use MES1M10 and get 10% discount until May 31 2017!

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