Be picky: Best way to get & stay warm in this cold

You know it the moment you are outside, standing at a bus stop, waiting for your ride. A cold wind starts blowing making you shiver, nowhere to hide, maybe even drizzling rain… You can’t stop thinking about your sofa at home, curling up with a blanket and a nice warm mug of coco.

When you picture yourself on that sofa, what are you wearing? Here are some ideas

Vintage, fair & cozy for indoors – and maybe even to wear outdoors <3

Where to get ideas on what to wear?

Embracing the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but how to keep it from getting too monotone? May need to add some things like extra ingredients. One of the things to add is fashion inspiration. Maybe even a guilty pleasure: going through fashion magazines and picking favorite looks.

Fashion magazine collage

So, embrace the contrast this fall. Big comfy coats, made of warm material, thick wool, with maybe even a tartan, or chunky knits – contrasted with sporty almost tech materials and fit/shape/look models (model van de kleding).

What does that look like – translated to a slow fashion style – comfy & sofa proof?

Vintage 1980 oversized sweater (with print) and maybe even a big comfy turtle neck, on a sporty legging.

Vintage from Doortjes Vintage, an amazing online vintage paradise. Just the joy of going through all those golden oldies, pretty bags and new treasures! You can also lend the clothes from Doortjes through LENA the Fashion Library. Did you know LENA just started a crowd funding for offline swap points? Help them getting closer to you! 

Some examples of 1980’s vintage Doortjes Vintage sells!

2&4  Legging and sweater from Wolf and Storm. At Wolf and Storm they do not just sell sustainable brands, but vegan as well! So you never have to compromise on style or your conscience.

A chunky knit, this is the idea, taken from this 1980’s knitting brochure, which also features amazing colourful patterns. Since I don’t knit very well, I’m hoping to find one vintage, let me know if you have a spare one 🙂

Haven’t been able to find a knitted sweater dress with sparkled yarn like this.

Legging from Zen by Sen yoga wear. Colorful leggings made from recycled fishnet. Turning ocean waste into yoga wear. Sustainable, fashionable, EU produced fair fashion from organic cotton and recycled polyamid. Clean up our oceans, save the fish and turtles by wearing their yoga wear, doesn’t that sound amazing? 

Legging from Teeki, through Dristi. Another great brand, these pants are made 79 percent of recycled plastic. Who knew recycled PET would look that comfy!

Want to know what other things to be picky about? Read it here, or here!

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